According to data from the Xfire community and data application for the month of September, average hours spent by users who play World of Warcraft daily have dropped 18 % since August. These findings correlate to the overall drop in MMO gameplay with other top ten titles.

Guild Wars, the second most popular MMO, showed a 13% drop and third-placed Silkroad Online fell by 27%. Some of the drop in online play is being attributed to the summer holidays being over for the under-18 crowd and college students.

Other favorite MMO titles remained steady in the number of hours contribited, with MapleStory, Flyff and Eve Online taking fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively. Lord of the Rings Online remains in eighth place.

The top ten FPS have also taken a dip in online activity, although no change was seen in the top five most played titles. Call of Duty 2 Multiplayer and Counter-Strike Source took the top two spots, even with taking a 12% and 18% drop respectively. Battlefield 2, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Counter-Strike 1.6 rounded off the top five.

Xfire is an application which tracks gameplay statistics for its user base of over 8 million, based mostly in Europe and North America.

I seriously doubt anyone is too worried about these new statistics considering that Christmas break is coming soon. What better way to avoid your family and your drunk Uncle Curtis than by logging on to an MMO where you can take your dysfunctional aggressions out on complete strangers.